The perpetual pagan ritual calendar

Month: January 2019

Moon Names around the world and the importance of Blue Moons

In this article I would like to discuss the naming of moons, and the importance of Blue Moons in doing so. I will also share some of the various names for the full moons or months in a year recorded by different cultures around the world. It is easy in this day and age to get caught up in the media popularization of “super blood wolf moons”, but often these terms such as “wolf moon” are borrowed from specific individual cultures. This is done without any knowledge of where the term came from, or the meaning, associations and beliefs behind the term by most people. So rather than fall victim to accusations of cultural appropriation I thought I would post about the names for moons used by other cultures, and some of the difficulties in naming full moons in a calendar system.

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A History of Calendars: The Ancient World

I have decided to create a series of posts about calendars throughout history. In doing so I hope to both learn more about calendars myself, and also create a repository of information for other people who might take an interest in this subject in the future. I want to say right up front that I am neither a historian, an astronomer, nor any kind of an expert on calendars. I am simply someone who took an interest in the subject one day. In this first article, I am going to cover the truly ancient calendars before I move on to the ones we have better records for such as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman calendars.

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Why the 21st of January IS NOT a “super blood wolf moon”

You have probably seen the posts being shared regarding the upcoming “super blood wolf moon” on the 21st of January, and as usual people are getting excited about “what it means” and planning rituals, but have you ever stopped to think why is it called a super blood wolf moon? Is that name meaningful to your practice, or is it misleading? From a druid perspective, and indeed I would suggest the vast majority of other people too, the name is entirely superficial. Let us dissect the name and see what it means to us in our quest for knowledge and truth.

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