The perpetual pagan ritual calendar

Month: February 2019

The Druidcraft Calendar’s Historical Basis

The Druidcraft calendar was never intended as a genuine authentic ancient druidic calendar. Instead it is a tool to help modern pagan practitioners to understand the movements of the sun and moon for ritual and predictive purposes, which by its very nature is a calendar. Despite this, in this article I would like to discuss [...]

A History of Calendars: The Nebra Sky Disk

In my last article in this series I discussed a number of prehistoric calendar sites that show that early humans were concerned with reconciling the movements of the sun and moon in order to follow a lunisolar calendar. The problem with reconciling the movements of the sun with the movements of the moon is that [...]

Using the Druidcraft Calendar to tell the time

The Druidcraft calendar can be used for many additional purposes beyond being a simple calendar. In this article I would like to explain how the calendar can be used as a very simple clock for roughly telling the time. Because the calendar marks the position of the sun in the sky, and the calendar itself [...]

Version 2

It has now been over a year since the Druidcraft Calendar was first conceived. In that time I have spoken to a lot of people and tried to spread the word far and wide in order to get as much feedback on the calendar as I can. Overall this feedback has been positive. Every so [...]