The perpetual pagan ritual calendar

Month: July 2019

Using the Druidcraft calendar to predict human behaviour.

For centuries legends have persisted that directly link the phases of the moon to the behaviours of human beings. In addition to the legends of werewolves, the word lunacy derives from the word for the moon, Luna, because of the supposed effect of the moon in causing madness. By the 1980s there were over 80 published studies on this aspect alone. Real, coincidental or imagined, following the path and phases of the moon can assist in the prediction of human behaviour. As you begin using the Druidcraft calendar on a daily basis, you may begin to notice patterns of behaviour both in yourself and those around you.

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Using the Druidcraft Calendar to predict the tides.

The tides of the world’s oceans and seas are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon, which creates bulges of water in the oceans. As these bulges move around the planet they run into land, causing the sea level to rise and fall. So the most important factors in predicting the tides are the position of the sun and the moon. The moon has the greatest effect on our tides as it is so much closer to us, resulting in more than twice the effect on our tides than the sun has.

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