It is important to understand that the calendar will require on-going correction. This is because of the discrepancies between the number of holes and the actual movements of the sun and moon.

The moon marker takes 28 days to complete one rotation on the calendar (56 holes ÷ 2 = 28), yet the moon actual takes 27. 3 days. To ensure the moon marker remains accurate, at each full moon ensure the moon marker is in the hole directly opposite the sun marker.

The sun marker moves twice every 13 days. (56 holes ÷ 2) x 13 = 364 days to complete one rotation around the calendar. But it actually takes 365.25 days for the earth to orbit the sun. So, at each solstice we simply ensure that the sun marker is in the correct hole.

The node markers are also prone to discrepancy, as it takes 18.66 years for the node markers to complete one rotation of the calendar, but it actually takes 18.61 years for the lunar nodes to move around the earth. This discrepancy is so small that it doesn’t actually matter, the correction is to move one peg backwards every 25 cycles (475 years).

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