Welcome to the updated Druidcraft Calendar website and blog.

The Druidcraft Calendar is an ongoing project, that aims to create and distribute a new ritual calendar for the pagan community. The project started life in December 2017 with the initial idea and paper prototype.

While the paper prototype and matches proved that the calendar could be laid out in the way imagined, it did not prove the mathematics of the calendar over a long period of time. Initially, the first computerised version was built as an android mobile app, but due to some very persistent layout issues, this was eventually abandoned, and the code was instead used to create this website.

With the maths proven, showing that the calendar did indeed work over thousands of years, the next physical prototype was created.

This version is now in daily use, and is the basis for the next iteration. the current future plans for the calendar are not set in stone, but it is likely that an artist will be involved next to re-design the face of the calendar into something a little prettier, and create the artwork for the box and book. Once that is done the calendar should be just about ready for its first production run, once a manufacturer, packaging company and printers has been selected.